Wednesday, November 23, 2005


This article will make you thankful

Found this great article at David Feige's blog. Over the years I've tried to help many felons get past that "ever been convicted of a crime?" question on job applications, and seen how hard it is for them to find jobs, even with non-violent convictions. Yesterday a client whom I'd written off as hopelessly addicted to meth stopped by to thank me for talking to her "like a person." She came by just because the last time I saw her, I told her that if she came by I could help her get clean. When she called and said she'd be right there, I scrambled for things to tell her. I ended up giving her directions to narcotics anonymous office, the address for a guy I know who runs an inpatient treatment program that accepts "her insurance" (None), and a couple dollars in gas money. I was amazed that she showed up and amazed at treating somebody with just a little dignity will do.

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