Thursday, January 12, 2006


A Case for Impeachment?

Here's a link to a great Nation piece describing, in detail, why impeachment needs to happen and how to get it started. Today it was announced that Alito's nomination will probably be approved, while Nebraska's Ben Nelson describes seeing "no reasons to vote against him." and can you imagine that the hard-won preservation of the filibuster, against the threatened "nuclear option" might not be used to stop Alito's nomination?

If we fought so hard to save the filibuster, what are we waiting for? If self-disclosed membership in the "Concerned Alumni of Princeton" and departure from Justice O'Connor's votes on essential privacy and bill of rights issues isn't enough to trigger the filibuster, when will it be the right time?

It's scary. With a gung-ho cowboy President who believes the law doesn't apply to him and that he need not seek approval from a Congress his party controls, and with nutless opposition from Democrats like Nelson, the future of the Republic looks bleak.

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