Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Some Pigs More Equal Than Others

Arianna Huffington wrote this post yesterday, under the headline "We Live in a Country of Laws"?: I just listened to Mayor Bloomberg on CNN International discussing the New York transit strike. "We live in a country of laws," he said, "where there can be severe consequences for those who break them." Here is my question for the mayor: is it just the mass transit workers who live in a country of laws, or does the president of the United States reside there as well?”

Here’s my comment in response: “Arianna, maybe that tropical air is getting to you. You see there's been a change in the law. It's true that all pigs are equal, some pigs are just more equal than others. Taking an oath to preserve the Constitution means you don't have to follow it! Just ask Bill Kristol, who wrote this (describing a good "24" plot line in the process) in the Post yesterday. He even had the audacity to imply that this is what the founders had in mind, a king-like president who gets to use "secrecy" to keep the people safe. Let's face it. We elected Ollie North. Lying is o.k. if it's done in the name of patriotism and security. The audacity of these Neo-cons is truly frightening and yet NPR keeps giving us two competing perspectives, as if the law's application to an elected official was debatable. Expect both doublespeak and "wartime" to continue indefinitely. It's what these people thrive on.”
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