Friday, February 17, 2006


Alberto the Spy

Here's a link to an animated cartoon imagining Alberto the Spy advertising like a personal injury attorney might. Of course most people laugh at the personal injury attorney (a.k.a. ambulance chasers) for ads like these, but, let's face it, while corporate attorneys like Harry Whittington are drumming up business by drinking beer and shooting pen-raised birds on crony-owned private game reserves, the lawyers for the poor guys have to find their clients somehow. Sometimes ads like this, which admittedly often go over the top, are the only way to reach the poor people who have legal rights and claims but often don't know how to exercise them. Speaking of this, here's what happens when a hispanic man accidentally shoots and kills another man in a hunting accident in Texas: Manslaughter charge. When you're the Veep, though, the sheriffs get turned away by the security detail and the alcohol dissipates by the time they come back the next morning. If Whittington expires, however, doesn't the equal protection clause demand that the law that charges this poor man also applies to the "five deferment" war profiteer? I know the fourth amendment doesn't mean much to Dick and Alberto. I guess the demise of the equal protection clause isn't too far away by this logic. As I said before, Cheney believes in Liberty and Justice for all, and all pigs are equal on his animal farm. Some pigs, and Dicks, are just more equal than others.
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