Friday, February 17, 2006


Drunk's Oldest Trick in the Book

The oldest trick in the book, for a person to hide their level of intoxication at an event, is to go fix a cocktail immediately afterwards. That way the person can always claim that "well, I'm drunk now but that's from what I drank afterwards." My clients have claimed this to me and I've heard of people avoiding DUI's with the same trick: Crash car, walk to 7-11 and get six pack.
Strange that Cheney claimed to delay notifying the press because of "concern" for the shootee but was seen drinking a cocktail at dinner by the crony/host. Just as the "beer at lunch" comment was a set up to diffuse the inevitable information regarding drinking that would eventually come out anyway, perhaps the "cocktail afterwards" was a trick to deflect any tests the sheriff might have had in mind. Fortunately for Dick, the sheriff was "one of the old boys" and let the penguin hide behind the security detail until he could sober up.
Has anyone else noticed the irony of claiming the delay was for the victim, but his response was to go eat dinner and fix a stiff drink? I'm just glad the next time the prosecutor trashes my client for having 2 dui convictions or for drinking after an accident, I can reply that this is just the example of the vice president trickling down to the streets.
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